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Daniel Quintanilla

Why The Kid From Nothing?

When I published my first book, The Kid From Nothing in 2016 — I wanted to share my story on the importance of perseverance, despite any background, can change your destiny. What you see today does not come from formal education, but from constantly learning new skills to market myself in a constantly evolving world. All my talents come together to showcase, where we come from does not define us, but passion in doing what you love can bring you success and happiness.


The goal is to bring your ideas and visions to life. From a wide range of content commercials, promos, and music videos.

Video Editing

The most important aspect of any project; this is where ideas are finalized.

Social Media Consultant

Creating and crafting videos to best fit your target audience.

Design & Graphics

Experience with creating logos, websites, special designs for all client needs.

Writing & Voiceover

Voiceovers can tailor the message by adding depth to the video content created.

Photo shoots & Photo Editing

From product shoots or headshots I can provide a wide range of services for the growth of your business or your personal project.

What My Clients Say

The Kid From Nothing

More than just a videographer, but a creator who brings ideas and visions to life. 


2028 E BEN WHITE BLV STE. 240-1987 AUSTIN, TX, USA, 78741


Daniel@TheKid  +1 832 544 2312

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